Rob Barber launches coaching club for young bodyboarders

September 29, 2010 | Bodyboarding
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The UK's only bodyboard school is to teach tomorrow's stars today in their new grom club, starting October 10. It aims to coach youngsters from 10 to 18 years old on how to improve their bodyboarding, catering for the complete novice to progressing shredder. The riders will socialize and meet with other bodyboarders and learn the right way to ride – faster and safer.

Pupils on the course are to be coached by qualified British Surfing Association (BSA) instructors and certified lifeguards with a vast amount of coaching experience.

Due to Newquay's unique location, the club can go mobile and quickly change beaches to catch the best conditions at either Fistral or Newquay Bay.

Head coach Rob Barber said: "The UK has some great bodyboarding talent. We want to ensure that they are learning in the safest environment and using the best techniques.

The club will focus on getting the youngsters to learn about the ocean environment, equipment and maneuvers.

"Those that are interested in competitions can be taught about surfing in heats. Those that just want to get the most out of bodyboarding will be helped with paddling, wave selection, and their riding style."

The club will meet at 1.30 pm at Rob Barber's Bodyboard School above Fistral Beach and costs £8 per session. Every rider will qualify for huge discounts and advice on bodyboarding equipment, and after four sessions, a free tee-shirt.

The bodyboard school is also set to host its last coaching weekend of the year on October 16/17.

The coaching weekend offers a safe introduction to the sport for novice riders and encourages confidence, sea safety, paddling out, wave selection, and riding skills.

Rob Barber said: "We aim to offer well-rounded tuition that will help our pupils learn in a couple of days what would have usually taken a couple of years."

Video analysis taken by professional videographer Sam Buckle will be provided and enable the riders to see their performance in the water, with Rob Barber commenting on each individual's progress.

Rob said: "Using slow-motion and freeze-framing, it is way easier to break down paddling techniques, wave selection, and specific move coaching. It is the most invaluable coaching tool and delivers great results every time."

Every rider will receive a stuffed goodie bag from event sponsors ThreeSixty Bodyboard Magazine and NMD Bodyboards, a coach's report of their performance, and DVD footage to take home.

There is usually a good mix of ages and abilities as well as individuals, couples, and friends on the course.

The nature of the sport helps the group gel, and strong fun camaraderie between everyone soon appears.

The social side of the weekend is always a highlight, with many of the riders swapping email addresses and phone numbers to arrange future trips together. The coaching weekend costs £119.

Rob Barber's Bodyboarding School also offers coaching holidays to Morocco, Gran Canaria, Bali, Central America, and Ireland.

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