Ryan Hardy buys Reeflex Wetsuits

March 20, 2015 | Bodyboarding
Ryan Hardy: charger | Photo: IBA World Tour

Ryan Hardy has taken over Reeflex Wetsuits.

Australian pro bodyboarder and surf coach, Ryan Hardy is now the managing director of the bodyboarding wetsuit company Reeflex. He bought the firm from John Barker.

"Super amped to have joined the list of legend bodyboarders like Mike Stewart, Mitch Rawlins and Dave Hubbard that have owned their own bodyboarding brand. Bodyboarding is our way of life," announced Hardy.

And there's more. "Hardballs" is looking to recruit a fourth new rider to join Davis Blackwell, Lachlan Cramsie and Ryan Hardy himself on the Reeflex pro team.

Additionally, the founder of the Ryan Hardy Bodyboarding School will be sponsoring six riders, each one from Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Southern Australia and Western Australia.

Ryan Hardy started bodyboarding in 1986, when he got his brand new Morey Mach 7-7. He developed his riding skills in Margaret River, where he grew up surrounded by fantastic breaks.

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