Sam Bennett and Kaitlin Murphy conquer the 2009 RAW National Titles

November 15, 2009 | Bodyboarding

Sam Bennett

It wasn't since 1996 that the National Bodyboarding Titles had been held at Duranbah Beach on the Gold Coast.

The six day bodyboarding event was run in a complete mix bag of conditions, including messy large 1.5 metre surf, to epic offshore conditions mid week and Friday saw competition on hold by lunch time as conditions were virtually flat. Todays final day at D-Bah saw the famous beach break come alight with some perfect right hand wedges rolling through.

With over 200 competitors in town the level of competitiveness amongst the states was unbelievable, however only one eventual winner from each division could win.

In the end it was Sam Bennett of Port Macquarie, that took the blue ribbon event the Open Mens. Sam was one of the stand out surfers of the whole week, which involved multiple nine and ten point rides from the judging panel. Sam notched up a massive 18.40 to take out Chase O'Leary in second with 14.50, Joe Clarke in third with 12.40 and David Lohan with 11.27.

"I got a few moves down out there at the start, I got a really good flip which helped, then through out the heat I found a few bowls and did some ARS's and a backflip". said Sam.

"The competition this week has been really good, though its been pretty hot".

Kaitlin Murphy of the Central Coast, NSW was far too good in the open womens division taking out Serena Ball in second with 9.14, Nicole Fleming in third with 7.50 and Kirby Smith in forth with 2.87.

"I am feeling really good, pretty stoked really" said Catlin.

"I have been surfing and training heaps in preparation for the contest".

"I was really happy with the waves that I got, I paddled out there and I got two bad waves straight up, then I managed to get two waves that I was really happy with".

The 2009 RAW National Titles has wrapped up today, the event was such a success that it will once again return to Duranbah in 2010.


1) Sam Bennett (18.40) Port Macquarie, NSW
2) Chase O'Leary (14.50) Port Macquarie, NSW
3) Joe Clarke (12.40) Gold Coast, QLD
4) David Lohan (11.27) Sunshine Coast QLD


1) Kaitlin Murphy (14.84) Central Coast, NSW
2) Serena Ball (9.14) New Zealand
3) Nicole Fleming (7.50) Tasmania
4) Kirby Smith (2.87) Western Australia


1) Jade Charnock (12.10) Port Macquarie NSW
2) Jane Keel (9.90) New South Wales
3) Julia Jackson (8.03) New South Wales
4) Emily Ryan (3.27) Cronulla, New South Wales


1) Charlie Holt (12.50) Port Macquarie, NSW
2) Tom Rigby (11.33) Mermaid Beach, QLD
3) Todd McRorie (11.10) ?
4) Jesi Robinson (8.50) Port Macquarie, NSW


1) Shaun Peterson (16.50) Sunshine Coast, NSW
2) David Lohan (11.57) Sunshine Coast
3) Clinton Kettle-Well (9.33) 13th Beach, Victoria
4) Curtis Parker (6.97) Sunshine Coast, QLS


1) Lachlan Cramsie (16.67) Queensland
2) Lewy Finnegan (14.00) Western Australia
3) Thorpe Waleuw (13.10) Gold Coast, Queensland
4) Sam Strachan (12.50) New South Wales


1) Davis Blackwell (16.10) Western Australia
2) Matthew Guignon (13.90) New South Australia
3) Ben Newland (11.40) Gold Coast, Queensland
4) Kent Mullins (7.32)


1) Dane Pope (14.43) Gold Coast, Queensland
2) Steve Lloyd (11.76) Queensland
3) Glen Sullivan (8.84) Cronulla, Queensland
4) Adam Rose (5.00) Queensland

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