Sintra Pro finals canceled due to fog

September 17, 2018 | Bodyboarding
Pierre-Louis Costes: he finished equal first at the 2018 Sintra Pro | Photo: APB

The Men's and Women's APB World Tour titles will be decided at the Nazaré Pro, in Portugal.

The world's best bodyboarders waited all the long, but fog reigned, and the men's, women's and junior final had to be canceled.

For the first time in the history of the APB World Tour, organizers weren't able to crown event champions and had to split prize-money and points with the finalists.

The longest running competition in professional bodyboarding - now in its 23rd year - eventually had four winners in the prone division: Joana Schenker and Isabela Sousa, and Pierre-Louis Costes and Iain Campbell.

"It was a crazy end to this year's Sintra Pro. With the insane fog covering the contest area, we couldn't finish the event to get a winner. Well done to all the other competitors," expressed Campbell.

With this result, Schenker, Sousa, and Ayaka Suzuki will decide the women's world title at Praia do Norte, in October, alongside their fellow male riders.

In the drop-knee final, Sammy Morretino managed to retain his world title after beating a former world champion, Dave Hubbard, in the decisive heat.

The next stop on the 2018 APB World Tour schedule is the Viana World Bodyboarding Championships, at Arda Beach, running from September 25-30.

It will be the last Qualifying Series (QEST) event of the year before the Nazaré Pro crowns two new world champions in the prone division.

2018 Sintra Pro | Finals

1. Iain Campbell (RSA)
1. Pierre-Louis Costes (FRA)

1. Joana Schenker (POR)
1. Isabela Sousa (BRA)

1. Sammy Morretino (HAW)
2. Dave Hubbard (HAW)

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