The Bodyboarding Republic of Port Macquarie

March 8, 2012 | Bodyboarding
Port Macquarie: the Republic of Bodyboarding

The Australian bodyboarding capital is preparing to welcome the world's best riders, in great style. The Port Macquarie Festival of Bodyboarding has been attracting many sponsors, which means success is in the making. A new nation emerges in Oceania.

In fact, the beautiful coastal town North of Sydney is shaping up to present the largest bodyboarding event ever in the history of the sport. Logistics is the key to an historical week.

There will be three IBA World Tour events and the 25th Anniversary of the Port Macquarie Australian Teams Challenge to compete in. Enough? Well, more than 500 pro and amateur bodyboarders are expected, so hotels will be happy.

The event will be held as a mobile event over 10 days from 14th April through 23rd April 2012, at the following Port Macquarie beaches: Town Beach, North Beach, Flynns Beach, and Lighthouse Beach.

Port Macquarie was officially granted the title of Bodyboarding Capital of Australia in 2011. The Australian contingent will try to regain strength and points, in order to recapture the world title.

Ben Player was the last Aussie to claim the planetary cup, in 2007. Ryan Hardy, Jake Stone, Mitch Rawlins and Dallas Singer, amongst others, complete the Australian weaponry for the 2012 IBA World Tour season.

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