Womens Bodyboarding Association retry Whaley Beach event

May 6, 2009 | Bodyboarding

WBA - Womens Bodyboarding Association

This Saturday, the 9th April, the Milkshakes Womens Bodyboarding Association  (WBA) will be holding an event at Whaley Beach, on Sydney's Northern Beaches. Girls and ladies of all ages and abilities are encouraged to come along to the event.

There’s awesome prizes to be won from WBA sponsors - Hive swimwear, Milkshakes bodyboards, Hooda custom designed Hoodies, and BSC Bodyboarders Surf Co.

And for some added fun, we have created a theme for this event, which is tight and bright! We are encouraging everyone to come along dressed in their tighest and brightest fluoro 80's clothing and wetsuits!

We will be having a beach BBQ, and music playing. So everyone is welcome to come along and watch, or join in!

This event was scheduled for Anzac Day 25th April, but had to be cancelled due to the large East swell that hit Sydney's Northern Beaches. This saturday there is another swell forecast, but not as large, and from a better southerly direction. With clear skies and offshore winds predicted, saturday is looking to be an awesome day!

The WBA is a non-profit organisation that holds fun club competitions all over NSW, with beginners to advanced divisions, to cater for girls of all abilities. There are currently around 25 members of the club.

Northern Beaches locals and IBA Australasian Tour competitors Mandy Zieren, Zoe Edwards, Julia Heasman and Sylve Colless have all confirmed they will be coming along to the event on Saturday. Along with many other girls, including elite Australian bodyboarders Lilly Pollard, Emma Roby, Kaitlin Murphy, Emma Cobb, and Nicole Fleming.

All the girls will be on hand to give helpful bodyboarding tips.

Memberships start from $15 for social members, and $50 for competitors.

Any girls interested in joining us at Whaley Beach, please meet us at the Whaley beach carpark at 7.30am. If it appears the swell is too big, we will move the event north to Palm Beach.

The next planned event for WBA will be held at Sundowner Tiona on NSW's mid North Coast on 1st-2nd August.

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