Why sleep is important for your health

Saying that "sleep is for the weak" is a misleading statement. Here are a few valid and scientifically proven reasons why sleep is such an essential part of our lives.

Did you know that one-third of American is not sleeping well on a regular basis? Getting a good night's sleep is essential for resting the body and mind and healing injuries.

When we're sleeping, we remove waste at a faster rate than while we're awake. In fact, the benefits of sleep are countless.

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Why you should never give up surfing

Relationships, work, health, relocations, aging, or even desire can keep you out of the surf, but there's not one valid reason for one to give up on surfing.

"He who is tired of surfing is tired of life." The original quote had London instead of surfing, but the adaptation fits in perfectly.

People go through cycles and moods throughout life. Sometimes, it just doesn't feel like what it used to be anymore. The thrill is gone, our friends aren't surfing on a regular basis, and you feel dramatically alone in the line-up.

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Interesting facts about waves

Waves are a mysterious phenomenon that surrounds us more than we imagine. Here are a few things you probably didn't know about waves.

Waves appear in many forms and shapes. They have their own properties and behave differently from each other.

From a scientific perspective, waves can be categorized based on the direction of movement (longitudinal waves, transverse waves and surface waves) or based on the (in)ability to transmit energy (electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves).

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A German company specialized in designing and build wake park features announced the creation of the world's first floating outdoor surf pool.

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Although a very young water sport, windsurfing has seen the birth, birth, and rebirth of several sailboard-oriented magazines.

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The Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) has released the full schedule for the 2018 ABA Tour.

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Nico von Lerchenfeld has had the time of his life at Surf Snowdonia, in Wales. But he was not there to surf.

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