Surf News Headlines and Top Stories

My name is Raymond Wheeler, and I live in Playa del Rey, California. I grew up here for over 40 years, moved away for a while, and then got back.
WhiteWater announced the construction of a massive heart-shaped wave pool in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Lakeside Surf, one of the world's largest standing wave, has officially been ridden by its founders, Burke and Robert Bordner.
Life is full of unexpected variables, and riding waves is obviously part of the game. Take a look at the most common risks and dangers in surfing.
"Ride Natty Ride" is a visual celebration of what Bob Marley and his music mean to the surf and skateboarding community worldwide.
Located on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is pretty much a coastal nation. Surprisingly, or maybe not, it has great waves and a tight surfing community.

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