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Pico Alto is one of the biggest waves in South America. The Peruvian right-hand point break can produce massive 50-foot walls of moving water.
King Charles III of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms is a longtime surfer and windsurfer. Here's how he got into waves and wind.
The sand, snow-like and silky, was ouch-hot to tenderfoots but just-right warm to the souls of seasoned surfers that owned this strip of heaven known as Bondi.
Filipe Toledo and Stephanie Gilmore have won the 2022 2022 World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour titles at Lower Trestles, California.
With a natural grace and endless creativity and talent, Joel Tudor is the go-to reference and spokesperson for the classic art of longboard surfing.
The first-ever expression session movement hit surfing in the 1970s when wave riders discovered there was more to wave-riding than wearing a jersey.