The smart front deck grip made from cork

RSPro announced the launch of a front deck grip exclusively made from cork.

The surf company from Barcelona continues on its quest and vision to get wax out of our surfboards.

After releasing the HexaTraction Grip, a translucent modular configuration that replaces traditional wax, RSPro returns with a one-millimeter, sustainable front foot grip.

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Azores prepare for the 2018 WSL World Masters Championships

The Azores Airlines World Masters and Grand Masters Championships will bring back legends of surfing to crown world champions in the above-45 and above-55 divisions.

These events were held for the last time in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, crowning Nathan Webster and Iain Buchanan.

This time, most competitors will discover a completely new destination as the 2018 edition will bring some of the most successful surfers of all time to the idyllic Azores archipelago, and specifically the island of Sao Miguel, in Portugal.

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Why I lost interest in wave pools

Marketing has terrific tools to promote and sell products and services. And today, social networks are great channels to engage with younger or more mature audiences.

From a business perspective, it can be interesting to launch a teaser campaign to build positive anxiety and excitement within your target group.

But you have to do it well. Or, at least, make few or no mistakes. Teasing people too much is a classic mistake, and it often leads to disinterest and indifference.

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