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My name is Kevin Kielty. I never had a genuine passion for anything before I started seeing the world through my lens. Now, it's my reason for living.
Deep within the pitch-black depths of Bluespring Caverns in Bedford, Indiana, two-time world wakeskating champion, Brian Grubb, initiated an unprecedented venture.
There is a lot going on in our brains when we surf. But why do surfers experience that happy, feel-good sensation after a fruitful wave-riding session?
Surfing is a very special and unique sport and industry. It's not a cliché - it's the truth and the reality. So, what should we look for when selecting the chief executive officer (CEO) of the World Surf League (WSL)?
Riding giant waves takes more than just bravery and excellent surfing skills - the weather and the layout of the ocean floor also play crucial roles.
From an average surfer's perspective, surfboard shaping variables can be tricky to decode and understand. But some of them can make a change when choosing a board for a particular wave.