Surf News Headlines and Top Stories

The Wavegarden Cove is coming to Palm Desert, in California. The DSRT Surf wave pool will open to the public by 2021.
If there is one thing everyone agrees on, it is that surfing is a beautiful activity.
Tandem surfing combines the art of surfing, gymnastic skills, and the synchronized moves of figure skating.
Singer-songwriter and one-time surfer Colin Macpherson describes how memories and loves from his deep past led to a new composition whose musical roots link back to the tumultuous 1960s.
Surf Dog Ricochet and Staff Sergeant Persons B. Griffith IV (Ret) traveled from their homes in San Diego and Texas to Washington DC last week.
Chippa Wilson has taken out Stab High 2.0, at Barefoot Ski Ranch (BSR) Surf Resort, in Waco, Texas.

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