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A World Surfing Reserve (WSR) is a program launched by the non-governmental organization Save the Waves Coalition (STW) in 2009.
Surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian oceans, Africa has been a continent with a strong social, economic, and cultural connection to the water for thousands of years.
A high surf advisory is a warning issued by national weather services to warn coastal communities and beachgoers that large ocean waves and dangerous swimming and surf conditions are expected.
The ocean is in constant change and mutation, and sometimes the conditions make it difficult to get back to terra firma. Here's how surfers can return to shore safely when waves get bigger.
If you could only get one type of surfboard or shape for your year-round sessions, which would you choose? The best answer is probably the funboard.
Luke Shepardson has taken out The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay in Hawaii.