Things you didn't know about Alana Blanchard

Once labeled the "Anna Kournikova of Surfing," she grew up to become much more than just a blonde beauty. Today, Alana Blanchard is one of the most popular female athletes in social media.

The Hawaiian professional surfer, model, and actress was born on March 5, 1990, at her house in Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii.

Don't judge her for the wrong reasons. Alana Blanchard is highly professional in everything she does, whether tacking big Hawaiian waves or posing for several hours straight in photoshoot sessions.

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Surf pool opens in German shopping mall

Surfing is literally where you find it. And what better place to catch a few good waves than in a cold landlocked German city.

Welcome to Osnabrück, a quiet urban community with around 150,000 inhabitants located in the northwest of Germany. The city is around 100 miles away from the North Sea, so there are not many hardcore ocean surfers in town.

But that didn't deter wave pool manufacturers Citywave and local shopping mall L&T from creating something different. The goal was to install a standing wave in the heart of a commercial zone.

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Can you learn to surf without being able to swim?

Surfing is a water sport that requires a specific set of physical skills. And swimming is a fundamental ability that everyone should have before engaging with the waves.

Surfers even get to the swimming pool to improve their technical and physical prowess. For example, to build lung capacity.

Why? Because the act of catching and riding waves often takes place in life-threatening places for a noncompetent swimmer, and a leash is not a lifeline.

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The full schedule for the 2018 European Skimboarding Cup (ESC) has been released.