Willian Cardoso conquers the 2018 Uluwatu CT

The 32-year-old surfer from Florianopolis spent 12 years competing in the Qualifying Series (QS) on a quest to join the elite of surfing.

Now, he is one of the happiest surfers on the planet. Not only he joined the Championship Tour (CT) but also won his first major event.

Cardoso had already done well in Bali by finishing his campaign as a quarterfinalist. This time, the Brazilian regular footer beat Julian Wilson in the final.

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How to make Origami surfers and surfboards

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Using complex modular techniques, artists developed exquisite designs and breathtaking masterpieces.

But would it be possible to create surf-inspired artworks using paper and our own bare hands?

Why not? We've seen origami dragons, unicorns, snakes, and dinosaurs, so it's all about putting your imagination to work and making the most out of your natural aptitude.

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5 skateboarding tricks that will improve your surfing

Surfing came first, but the sport of riding the streets ended up developing its own culture and technicalities. Here's how skateboarding can improve your surfing skills.

Initially, before skateboarding started gaining traction in urban America, the board with four wheels was seen as a warm-up piece of equipment for the flat days.

If there were no waves in the ocean, surfers would step on a skateboard and cruise the boardwalk, waiting for the perfect to kick in. But as they explored its potential, surfers discovered an exciting new sport.

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Are you ready to buckle up your kite harness? Attach your safety leash and learn what you should know before choosing a waist, seat or boardshorts harness.

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