Gabriel Medina wins the 2017 Quiksilver Pro France

Gabriel Medina has taken out the 2017 Quiksilver Pro France, at La Graviere, in Hossegor.

The Brazilian surfer defeated Hawaiian prodigy Sebastian Zietz in three-to-five foot beach break waves. Medina locked in his third Quiksilver Pro France win.

"It feels so good to win again. I have been working so hard before this event. This is a really special place for me. I am stoked. I am not thinking about a world title. I just want to do good at every event. I promised myself that I had to win one event this year and I finally got it!" sais Gabriel Medina.

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The divine alchemy between surfing and yoga

Cat Woods is a yoga and barre instructor based in Melbourne, Australia. She deeply loves both yoga and surfing and the endless pursuit of knowledge, skill, and fluidity in both.

This is the goal with yoga - to move on the mat, and off the mat, with a light step and an easy, relaxed movement. Not unlike a wave rolling into shore, or the slip of a surfboard across the peak of a wave. Light, confident, almost floating but also deeply grounded from the core to the earth.

The human body is made up of approximately 72 percent water. It is only natural that we should be drawn to the salty sea. It is only natural that we should like to move with rhythm, smooth and fluid poses, transitions and pace.

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Alpine launches the SurfSafe ear plugs

It's never too late to avoid surfer's ear. The new Alpine SurfSafe universal ear plugs are made in the Netherlands and will protect you against exostosis.

Surfer's ear is becoming a global threat to the wave riding community, especially those living and surfing in cold environments. The strange condition kicks in at full power after 30 years of age, and may very well require surgery. That's why the only option is wearing surf ear plugs.

Unlike other models available in the market, Alpine's SurfSafe ear plugs do not feature support wings that fit in the external cavity or both ears.

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