New study wants to understand how boardsports address sustainability

Surfdome and Plymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group (PSSRG) have teamed up to study the boardsports market's attitude towards sustainability.

Boardsports brands, like most of the fashion, apparel, and sports goods market operate in a fast-paced marketplace and have the ability to alter their proposition from season to season.

With attitudes changing towards product and brand offering sustainability credentials, perhaps in part due to readily available information and increased awareness, the demand for board sports brands to limit their effect on the environment is particularly high.

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The energy zones of a wave

Without waves, surfers are nothing. Take a look at the different energy zones that make a wave the ultimate resource for water sports enthusiasts.

The ocean produces four types of breaking waves, and the majority of them are rideable from a surfing perspective.

From the moment wind produces the first ripples until they reach the coastline, waves are in constant mutation, evolution, and change.

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How to duck dive

Learn how to avoid obliteration in the waves. Master the duck diving technique, and get out-the-back faster and effortlessly.

When the waves are small is relatively easy getting outside. All you need is to get the nose of your surfboard over the crumbling wave.

But when the surf gets rough, you must know how to survive the impact zone. Duck diving is the most efficient way of not getting pummeled and pushed back by a crashing wave.

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