Surf News Headlines and Top Stories

With a natural grace and endless creativity and talent, Joel Tudor is the go-to reference and spokesperson for the classic art of longboard surfing.
The first-ever expression session movement hit surfing in the 1970s when wave riders discovered there was more to wave-riding than wearing a jersey.
Welcome to Pororoca, one of the longest waves in the world. The tidal bore travels up to 500 miles (804 kilometers) upstream of the Amazon River in northern Brazil.
Madagascar is the fourth largest island on the planet. The magical Indian Ocean territory features 3,000 miles (4,828 kilometers) of coastline.
Meteorology is the art of analyzing Earth's atmosphere's past and present variables and creating accurate weather forecasts.
Steve Brown, the legendary one-arm surfer from Oregon, continues his adventures in the waves, beating the odds of surviving Stage IV lung cancer. He is living proof surfing is for life.