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In the surfing world, a whole new wave of influence is being carried on the digital currents of social media.
Evidencing a meteoric rise in popularity, stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is swiftly carving out a niche as a go-to watersport.
Festively celebrated each year since 2019, Surf Shop Day serves as a tribute to independent retailers that are the backbone of the surf industry.
Throwing more spray in surfing is about using your body effectively and utilizing the physics of the wave and your board.
Environmental education should be a core part of any surf school's curriculum when teaching beginners how to ride a wave.
Aloha, and welcome to the beginner's guide to playing the ukulele. Ever been captivated by the sweet, melodic tunes of a ukulele? Fascinated by how those four little strings can produce such vibrant and soulful music?