Surf News Headlines and Top Stories

Formula 1 drivers are high-performance athletes who must be physically and mentally in shape to control a car racing at 218 miles per hour (351 kilometers per hour).
Filipe Toledo and Caroline Marks emerged as the newest World Surf League (WSL) champions during the riveting third-annual Rip Curl WSL Finals held at Lower Trestles, San Clemente, California.
Handheld inflatable sails unveiled new opportunities for both wave and wind sports enthusiasts and are getting increasingly popular.
There are only a few waves on the planet that can fully put a surfer to the test. Here's everything you need to know about high-performance waves.
In the picturesque confines of Miyazaki, nestled on the southern island of Kyushu, Japan, stood a place of modern wonder - the Seagaia Ocean Dome.
Adventure Parc Snowdonia, the world's first public wave pool, has closed down. The announcement was made on social media.