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Surfing is a really important facet of my life. It's one of several, but one with a golden share.
Rock climber, surfer, and Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard is not your average business mogul.
It is barely enough. I have been surfing - the mystic and ultra-cool and slightly absurd art of riding waves standing up on a board - for more than half my life.
Lucas Chianca and Justine Dupont have taken out the 2021 Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge at Praia do Norte in Portugal.
What is the biggest wave ever surfed? Big waves are the Everest of surfing. Discover who, when and where male and female daredevils rode the largest waves of all time.
The World Surf League (WSL) announced the official athlete lists for the 2022 Championship Tour (CT) season.