How to shoot surfing with a drone

Learn how to film surfing using a drone. Here are a few tips and tricks for shooting surfers from the sky.

Surfing is one of the most exciting sports to shoot using a drone. Why? Because it has a lot of movement, it never repeats itself, every wave is unique, and you never know what to expect from a surfer.

From a videographer's point-of-view, drones changed the way we shoot surfing. So, it's essential to adapt to the new times and embrace a technology that will offer us stunning footage from above.

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September 20 has been officially declared California Surfing Day

September 20 will forever be known California Surfing Day.

The date has been introduced in the Golden State legislature to celebrate the California surfing lifestyle, and honor the history, culture, and future of the sport.

Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 122 was proposed by California State Senator Janet Nguyen and was unanimously approved by all members of the state's upper house.

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Shipstern Bluff is the new home of Red Bull Cape Fear

The Red Bull Cape Fear is back with a new location. The invitation-only event is heading to Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania's home of slab surfing.

Once known as "Devil's Point" for the apocalyptic headland that looms over the break, Shipstern Bluff will soon see 20 local and international surfers, including Mick Fanning, Ross Clarke-Jones and 2016 event champion Russell Bierke take on one of the world's most intense waves.

The five-month event window - August 1, December 31 - allows for the optimal swell to be forecasted of the big wave season in the hopes the best conditions come to life for Red Bull Cape Fear 2018.

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Professional surfing is a highly competitive occupation. World title races are increasingly tight. And sometimes it all comes down to the wire.

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