Hélio António wins 2018 Praia do Norte Photography Awards

Hélio António is the grand winner of the inaugural Praia do Norte Photography Awards. He takes home 2,000 euros.

The Portuguese surf lensman shot the best picture of the year with "The Man and The Mountain," a stunning image that shows reveals Nazaré's big wave in all its splendor.

"The winning photo reflects perfectly the size of the giant waves of Praia do Norte, with a surfer in action and with an original and unprecedented approach," the jury stressed.

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A hilarious dispute between a surfer and a paddleboarder

The relationship between shortboard surfers and stand-up paddleboarders has not always been pacific.

With the rapid growth in the number of SUP enthusiasts that invaded classic surfing and bodyboarding lineups, vibes have changed.

SUPers have been accused of misbehaving with surfers because of their paddling advantage over their fellow wave riders.

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True Surf: the official mobile game of the World Surf League

The World Surf League (WSL) has announced the launch of its mobile surfing game. True Surf is available for download now.

One of the interesting innovations about True Surf is that, not only it features 21 world-class surf breaks, but the ocean conditions also change according to real-time surf forecasts.

The new surfing game imports swell height and direction, wind speed and direction, tide times, and water temperatures from Surfline, and adds it to the gaming experience.

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