What is kneeboarding?

Kneeboarding is a water boardsport that blends the characteristics of surfing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

According to the history books, kneeboarding was invented by Southern California surfers and was first experimented in flat water surfaces as an alternative to wakeboarding, water skiing, and even barefooting.

Initially, surfers would get towed by recreation boats using rudimentary bellyboards, probably when the ocean was flat, and there were large bodies of water available in their areas.

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"The Eddie": Aikau's family renames the event

The family of Eddie Aikau confirmed that the event in memory of the legendary surfer and lifeguard will run even without a major sponsor.

"The Eddie: In Memory of Eddie Aikau" is the new name chosen for the big wave surfing contest held annually at Waimea Bay, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

The Eddie Aikau Foundation announced the new era during the debut of the event's official poster. And, for the first time in three decades, the contest will not be sponsored by Quiksilver because an agreement was not reached.

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The book that documents Hokule'a's voyage of hope

Patagonia launched a must-have book on the traditional Polynesian voyaging canoe, smartly blending words and personal experiences with glamorous photos and illustrations.

The story of the original Hokule'a is simultaneously epic and tragic, beautiful and bittersweet. In a way, it is a mirror of life, with its unexpected ups and downs, celebrations and disappointments.

Hokulea means "Star of Gladness" in Hawaiian. The original Hokulea was launched on March 8, 1975. Three years later, the double-­hulled sailing canoe capsized and one of its crew members, the legendary Eddie Aikau, paddled his surfboard back to land to get help, but despite all efforts, he was never seen again.

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