The best workout equipment for surfers

Just because you're not in the water doesn't mean you can't be practicing your surfing skills. Discover the best fitness gear for your surf training program.

If you're an active surfer, staying in shape is not difficult. Combine a healthy diet with a few non-surfing physical exercises, and you'll always be fit to go, even in the most challenging ocean conditions.

The goal is to maintain or improve your overall strength and flexibility levels, so that the most significant surf-related movements - duck diving, paddling and popping-up on a surfboard - become effortless.

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Why does your nose spew water hours after surfing?

It happens all the time, especially if you're a surfer or a swimmer. Have you ever been in a public space, and suddenly your nose starts running furiously?

Ever wonder why hours after surfing you get salt water nose drip?  Well, in the following article we will briefly discuss the anatomy of the nose to explain this bizarre phenomenon.

Imagine you go surfing. The waves are trashy, and you take a beating. Saltwater goes in your nose, your mouth, and ears. You get rolled around like clothes in a washing machine.

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Alex Botelho rode Portugal's "Paddle In Wave of the Year"

Alex Botelho won the "Paddle In Wave of the Year" at the 2017 EDP Mar Sem Fim Awards.

The Portuguese big wave surfing elite gathered to celebrate the most extreme rides of the season. After narrowing 87 entries to 20 nominations, the event finally crowned four new division champions.

On December 12, 2016, Alex Botelho paddled into a giant wall of water at Nazaré's Praia do Norte. The judges considered it to be the wave of the year by a Portuguese athlete.

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