Surf News Headlines and Top Stories

Do you want to impress a future surfer? Is your kid into surfing? Discover the coolest surf-inspired toys for playing at home or outside.
Former pro surfer and big wave rider, Chris Brown, has passed away in Santa Barbara, California.
Tyler Newton has taken out the 2019 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, at Banzai Pipeline, on the North Shore of Oahu.
Are you struggling to keep up with your regular surfing habits while nursing your baby? Here's how to get closer to reaching a satisfactory balance between motherhood and surfing.
In 2005, Pepsi defied the surfing community by releasing a commercial in which famous soccer stars break the surfers-only beach rule implemented by a group of local wave riders.
Sometimes, surfers pay the ultimate price for chasing perfect barrels in idyllic scenarios. As a result, they'll end up with fresh reef tattoos. Here's how to treat coral cuts, scrapes and rashes.

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