Joel Parkinson claims 2018 Hawaiian Pro

Joel Parkinson carved his way to victory at the 2018 Hawaiian Pro, in Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu.

The three-time Triple Crown of Surfing winner claimed the first jewel of the prestigious Hawaiian surfing series after a convincing performance in a four-man final.

Parkinson defeated Mateus Herdy, Ricardo Christie, and Deivid Silva with two waves in the excellent range - a 9.33 and an 8.03.

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Grant Baker wins 2018/2019 Nazaré Challenge

Two-time Big Wave Tour champion Grant "Twiggy" Baker won the 2018/2019 Nazaré Challenge.

The event got underway in incredible 25-to-40-foot surf at the infamous Portuguese big-wave venue of Praia do Norte, in Nazaré.

The event launched early this morning in glassy conditions with 25-foot-plus wave-faces around the high tide mark and as the tide dropped conditions got heavier and heavier to culminate with large surf in the 35-to-40-foot range, with occasional larger sets.

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The surf leash that doubles up as a carry strap

A British surfer created a leash that doubles up as a carry strap to make carrying a surfboard easy.

Jonathan Marchbank, the founder of Inspirit, invented a solution that will help owners of big boards like longboards, Malibus, and even stand-up paddleboards to transport their equipment effortlessly down the beach.

The Leash Loop uses a quick release strap that tucks away inside the leash, so it's easy to use without having to leave anything on the sand.

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