Taj Burrow finds freedom in the Mentawai Islands

Despite having left the Dream Tour, Taj Burrow continues to step on the gas pedal.

The Australian who never won but should've won the world surfing title is now traveling the world in search of idyllic swells and transparent barrels.

The talented regular-footed surfer from Busselton, in Western Australia, turned 40 and released a new video edit that proves that he is deeply missed on the Championship Tour.

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Kissed or Cursed? The Andy Irons documentary review

Sooner or later, drugs are gonna get 'ya. Sooner or later, drugs are gonna win - and you're gonna lose. As I write these words, I can't help think about the late River Phoenix and what could have been.

So much accomplished at a young age, yet leaving so much potential, for future greatness on the table.

More recently, in the past five or ten years or so, a whole bunch of talented, wealthy, famous people with every reason to live have been dropping dead in their forties and 50s: Tom Petty (1950-2017 = 66) Michael Jackson (1958-2009 = 51), George Michael (1963-2016 = 53), Prince (1958-2016 = 57), "Buttons" Kaluhiokalani (1958-2013 = 55), Jay Adams (1961-2014 = 51), Shawn "Barney" Barron (1970-2015 = 44), Vince Collier (1960-2018 = 57).

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Maya Gabeira: 35 little-known facts about the Brazilian big wave surfer

She could've been a ballet, but she ended up chasing the world's largest ocean waves. Here are some curious facts about Brazilian big wave surfer Maya Gabeira.

Maya Reis Gabeira was born in Rio de Janeiro, on April 10, 1987. Unlike many kids of her generation, she was introduced to surfing when she was already a full-grown teenager.

Gabeira has already been called the "Super Woman of Surfing." But she still gets anxious and stressed a few days before a storm kicks in.

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Are you ready to buckle up your kite harness? Attach your safety leash and learn what you should know before choosing a waist, seat or boardshorts harness.

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