Indoor wave pool opens in The Hague in 2019

SurfPoel, the first wave pool developed by 24/7Waves, will open in The Hague, Netherlands, by 2019.

The world's first crowdfunded wave pool will produce 149 waves per hour and will allow a maximum of ten surfers in the water at the same time.

According to the team behind SurfPoel, there will be waves of up to three feet (one meter) for all levels of surfing. Each ride will last approximately nine seconds.

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The quick and easy repair solution for broken surfboard leashes

Have you ever put an abrupt end to a dream surf session due to a broken leash? Surf ResQ has the solution for a classic problem.

It happens more often than you think, both in small and heavy surf. Broken leashes can be frustrating.

Imagine you've traveled for an hour, and then a perfect session is interrupted in the first minutes by a snapped leash.

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What is train surfing?

It is illegal, dangerous, and has already claimed hundreds of lives. Media outlets call it a "sport" but, actually, that is as irresponsible as participating in it.

Train surfing, also known as tram surfing, is the act of riding on exterior parts of a moving train.

Train surfers ride outside of the structure, either on the side, behind, or on the roof of the railroad car. Sometimes, they even attempt to jump from one train to another or onto railway platforms.

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