Bodyboard awards 

The Bodyboarder's Choice awards is dedicated to showcasing the dedication, ambition and performance of those involved with the sport of Bodyboarding.  The Senor Frog's 2009 Bodyboarder's Choice Awards will happen on the Feb 27th 8PM. The event is presented by Senor Frogs, USBA, IBA and Bodyboarder Magazine.

To qualify for nomination a recipient will be choosen by the staff at the USBA, Bodyboarder Magazine and the IBA which have created an online voting survey.

A category nominee winner will be chosen at the hands of the general bodyboarding public through the online voting system. For each category there has been a selected group of nominees created by the board committee, from here they will be posted online and available for the public to vote for.

Best Prone-(male/female) this award is given to the rider who the public feels has proven they are owning the line-ups on their gut wherever they go!

Uri Valadao Brazil

Guilherme Tamega Brazil

Ben Player Australia

Pierre Louis Costes France

Jeff Hubbard Hawaii

Hugo Pinheiro Portugal

Paulo Barcellos Brazil

Mark McCarthy Sth Africa

Magno Oliveira Brazil

Mike Stewart Hawaii

Amaury Laverhne Reunion

Dave Winchester Australia

Yeray Martinez Canary Is

Ryan Hardy Australia

Luis Villar Brazil

John Showell Australia

Mitch Rawlins Australia

Dave Hubbard Hawaii

Richard Diaz Canary Is

Ivan Hernandez Canary Is

Brad Hughes Australia

Chad Jackson Australia

Dallas Singer Australia

Igor Sanchez Canary Is

Michael Novy Australia

Alex Bunting Australia

Max Arent-Highfield Australia

Andre Botha Sth Africa

Damian King Australia

Jake Stone Australia

Chris James Australia

Jose Marquina Australia

Tom Wilson Australia

Andrew Lester Australia

Thomas Robinson Australia

Paul Benco Hawaii

Jason Bitzer USA

Javier Baez Puerto Rico

Jacob Romero Hawaii

Nick Ormerod Australia

Ross McBride USA

Spencer Skipper Hawaii

Rex Moibe Hawaii

Jonah Romero Hawaii

Tyler Ching-Johnson Hawaii

Eli Beach Australia

Alex Leon Australia

Tyler Wiemann USA

Michael Murphy USA



Best DropKnee- this award is to the rider laying it hard on the knee!

Dave Hubbard HI

Bud Myiamoto HI

Leroy Kaiwa HI

Derek Mirashido HI

Micah McMullin HI

Bobby Kichart CA

Matt Lacky AUS

Dylan Lee AUS

Mason Rose AUS


Heaviest Threat- this award is for the rider that gives competitors chills to know they are in your heat!

Peirre Louis Costes FRN

Ben Player AUS

Jeff Hubbard HI

Uri Valadao Brazil

Mike Stewart HI

Huge Pinheiro PORT

Guilherme Tamega Brazil


Minor Threat- To the international grommet who is pushing the limits in the sport

Charilie Holt AUS

Thorpe Waluew AUS

Dillan Druz USA

Jimmy Williamson AUS

Travis Smith HI


Video- awarded to the best video production of the year. Editor/Videographer and Company all receives awards for this one.

ROAM 2 - Digital Children production



Best Photo of the year- Goes to rider and photographer

Best Photographer of the year- SAME AS ABOVE

Female Rider- award given to the lady taking bodyboarding to a whole other level for female riders.


Claudia Ferrari

Roberta Bitzer

Jessica BECKER

Leila Ali


Lilli Pollard

Life Time Achievement- this award is for the individual who has been the most influential to the sport of bodyboarding.

Mike Stewart

Ben Severson

Guilherme Tamega

Keith Sasaki

Top Shaper- Dialing in measurements and lungs full of foam dust, they get the specs right to put you where you want to be.

Nick Mesritz

Todd Quigley

PMA (Pete Anaya)

Glen Taylor

North Shore 08/09 North Shore Stand out- this award is set-aside for the hell man out there pushing the limits of not only the sport but the human body as well. Award will be limited to the media you see coming out from the 08/09 North Shore Season!

Mike Stewart

Mike Murphy

Andre Botha

Jeff Hubbard

Mitch Rawlins

Jason Bitzer

Jacob Romero

Ben Player

Toby Player

Paulo Barcellos

Guilhereme Tamega

Max Arnet

Micheal Novy

Paul Benco

Jonah Romero

Spence Skipper

Dave Winchester

Group Effort- award given to the team that's making a stand and presence in our sport.

Plastic People



Turbo Surf Designs



Most influential industry player award-

Eddie Solomon (, bodyboarder, Empire Bodyboards)

Jason Bitzer (USBA)

Terry Mckenna (IBA)

Chris Monroe (BZ)

Biggest industry supporter of the sport in 08-

USBA- United States Bodyboarding Association

IBA - International Bodyboarding Association




Turbo Surf Designs


SOURCE: IBA World Tour