Injuries and high scores ignite El Flopos

The 2018 Arica Bodyboard Cultura kicked off at El Flopos, in Chile.

Perfect six-foot barrels greeted riders on the first day of competition. The main event is on, and the world's best bodyboarders debuted the new heat format.

Alex Uranga suffered a massive rib injury and had to be removed out of the water directly into the hospital. Iain Campbel also injured himself and ended up with five stitches on the head.

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Yoshua Toledo wins the 2018 Arica Cultura Bodyboard Trials

Yoshua Toledo has taken out the 2018 Arica Cultura Bodyboard Trials, at Ex-Isla del Alacrán, in Chile.

The competition got underway in splendid wave conditions. The Chilean surf break of El Flopos pumped perfect barreling waves and multiple ramps, allowing athletes to combine tube riding and aerial maneuvers.

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The wave-driven life of Pierre-Louis Costes

Pierre-Louis Costes was born in the landlocked city of Vichy, in France.

However, his personal and professional career sent him to the westernmost country in Europe. Today, the two-times world bodyboarding champion lives and breathes Portugal.

Interestingly, Costes started bodyboarding in Morocco when he was ten years old. Since then he hasn't stopped riding and collecting multiple national and European titles.

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Johan De Goede has taken out the 2018 Digicape Tand Invitational. The legendary event got underway in pumping eight-to-ten-foot waves in Cape Town, South Africa.

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