What is bodyboarding?

Bodyboarding is the art of riding waves in a prone position.

According to surf historians, the sport has its roots in the islands of the Pacific. The Polynesian people were the first to slid across ocean waves lying on paipo boards.

The ancient practice of catching waves in a prone position later evolved to stand-up wave riding, which could very well mean that the origins of bodyboarding are older than those of surfing.

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Iain Campbell and Joana Schenker win the 2017 Sintra Pro

Iain Campbell and Joana Schenker have taken out the 2017 Sintra Pro, in Praia Grande, Portugal.

With the Portuguese bodyboarding contest celebrating its 22nd year, there was certainly no shortage of drama in the water. The event tested the athlete's fitness levels by delivering all sorts of ocean conditions.

In the first days of competition, men, women and young riders had to battle powerful onshore wind and wave conditions, as well as strong currents and shifting peaks.

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Portuguese duo embark on "Irish Dreams"

When it comes to wave riding, Ireland is always a tricky challenge. In "Irish Dreams," you understand why the Emerald Isle is the go-to test for top performers.

The number of high-end movies, videos and short films coming from Portugal has been increasing pace. Today, filmmakers are able to deliver HD works with budget cameras, and that's good for the sport of bodyboarding.

Pedro Santos Ribeiro has just unveiled his "Irish Dreams," the story of two Portuguese riders, and their appetite for mutant waves, and heavy slabs.

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