Noa Deane claims inaugural Stab High

Noa Deane has taken out the inaugural Stab High, held at the BSR Surf Resort, in Waco, Texas.

Sixteen of the best non-aligned, aerial surfing specialists gathered to compete in an alternative format. Stab High proposes a simple exercise: to land the biggest and most innovative air maneuvers possible.

The event got underway at the first full-sized wave pool developed by American Wave Machines where, for many, it is possible to enjoy one of the best man-made air sections in the world.

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What does it mean to be a surfer today?

Now more than ever, surfers have a great responsibility on the shoulders. Here's what makes a complete, contemporary wave rider.

A surfer is someone who practices and enjoys his or her sport at the heart of Nature, surrounded by the elements.

But also, surfers are an integral of a society, a local, regional and national community with its rules and moral values.

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Australians win 2018 Azores Airlines World Masters Championship

Rob Bain, Layne Beachley, and Dave Macaulay have taken out the 2018 Azores Airlines World Masters Championship in the Grand Masters, Women's Masters and Men's Masters divisions.

The finals got underway in highly contestable three-foot surf at Praia de Santa Barbara, in the island of Sao Miguel.

A World Surf League (WSL) Specialty Event, the event has been treated to an abundance of swell and great performances by some of the legends of surfing from past generations, culminating with today's crowning of the champions.

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Dimitri Maramenides, the founder and owner of Epic Kites, rode his kite a few hours before Hurricane Florence hit the East Coast of the United States.

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