Vasco Ribeiro: 2014 ASP European Pro Junior champion | Photo: Red Bull

Vasco Ribeiro has been crowned the 2014 ASP European Pro Junior champion.

Ribeiro is the second Portuguese to claim the ASP European Pro Junior title, fifteen years after national surfing star Tiago Pires.

Despite getting knocked out in Round 4 of the Teguise 2014 Franito Pro Junior, Vasco saw his direct opponents losing in the quarterfinals.

"It's such a surprise! I didn't even know the quarters were running today, so I had no idea all of this was going on. I'm so happy. Finally I get the title I've wanted it for a long time," expressed Ribeiro.

"I can't wait; Ribeira d'Ilhas is a wave where I surf a lot and I really look forward to competing against the best Juniors in the World at a wave I particularly enjoy. It's one of the toughest events in the world, but for sure a great challenge."

Vasco Ribeiro won the Espinho Surf Destination and had a consistent season, including a national title.

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