Remi Petersen: a Benelux surfing star | Photo: Rekkab/SurfBenelux

Remi Petersen has taken out the O'Neill Jackpot 2015, held in Scheveningen, Netherlands.

Waves are a scarce resource, especially if you're a passionate surfer-citizen living in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg (Benelux). However, that doesn't mean they can't crown national surfing champions.

The O'Neill Jackpot is one of the most prestigious surfing competitions in central-western Europe. Forty-eight wave riders fought for glory in three divisions, but only the top three earned a ticket to the Benelux Surfing Championship final, to be held in Morocco.

At the beginning of the day, the swell was quite small, but as the event progressed, the waves became bigger and better. The event proved that the quality of surfing in Benelux is improving rapidly.

Tom Boelsma won the Juniors' division and shared a tip with everyone. "The less period between waves; the more difference you can make!" Feeling enlightened now?

In the Women's category, Dominga Valdes prevailed. The Men's final was extremely tight, with all surfers' waves scored in the good-to-excellent range. In the end, Dutch star Remi Petersen took the top honors.

"Winning is so much better when you've lost as many heats as I have. On to Morocco, we go. Well done to everyone especially the other finalists. You guys didn't make that shit easy," wrote Petersen.

O'Neill Jackpot 2015 | Top 3

1. Remi Petersen (NL)
2. Pascal van der Mast (NL)
3. Kaspar Hamminga (NL)

1. Dominga Valdes (NL)
2. Mirna Boelsma (NL)
3. Jasmine Debeer (BE)

1. Tom Boelsma (NL)
2. Fabian Salawanej (NL)
3. Keith Marcantuoni (BE)

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