Joel Parkinson: back to the victory lane

Joel Parkinson has conquered the Burton Toyota Pro 2013, in Newcastle, Australia.

The 2012 ASP World Tour champion defeated Alejo Muniz, during the Surfest. Dimity Stoyle took the Women's title, at Merewether Beach.

With a 8.90-point ride in the opening minutes of the final, Parkinson collected a total wave score of 15.43 points againt the 12.13 points gathered by Alejo Muniz.

"It's great to win this first event as the World Champion. I had an incredible end to last year's season and I came into this event with a lot of confidence", says Parkinson.

"It was sort of a warm-up event here but the field is fantastic and we surf these events to win. It is a real honour to win this event and for sure I feel ready for next week", added Parkinson.

Stormy two meter (6-feet) surf suited Stoyle perfectly and she waited until half way through the final before taking a good first wave.

Stoyle's patience paid off as the ideal wave choice resulted in a decisive 8.67 excellent ride which set up the final win on a score-line of 14.67 to sally Fitzgibbons on 13.67.

"I can't believe I won. I could not hear the scores out there and it wasn't until I came in that Sally (Fitzgibbons) told me I won. It was so cool that she chaired me up the beach. She's a close friend and I really look up to her", says Stoyle.

Burton Toyota Pro:
Final: Joel Parkinson 15.43, Alejo Muniz 12.13

Hunter Ports Women's Classic:
Final: Dimity Stoyle (AUS) 14.67, Sally Fitzgibbons (AUS) 13.67

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