Mavericks: steep rides

The Big Wave World Tour has announced the beginning of the waiting period for three contests in the Northern Hemisphere.

The three venues now in waiting are the Punta Galea Challenge (Basque Country, Spain), the Mavericks Invitational (Half Moon Bay, California) and the Nelscott Reef Big Wave Classic (Oregon, USA).

Starting on November 1st, 2013, all three events have a waiting period that extends through March 31st, 2014, in order to allow contest organizers to monitor and examine huge ocean storms in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Once the waves exceed 30-foot faces, organizers will signal the "Green Light" approximately 72 hours prior to the start day. This will activate all invited surfers and alternates to get to the venue and ready themselves for competition.

"I'm really looking forward to this winter and can't wait to see the first big swell form. Myself and the other big wave surfers around the world are ready and it's amazing to all be together and face these giant swells", says big wave surfer Shawn Dollar.

Swell height, interval and ocean surface conditions are the three main variables at stake for calling the big wave contests on. Greg Long, Mark Healey, Peter Mel, Jamie Sterling, Grant Baker, Carlos Burle, Shawn Dollar, Ben Wilkinson, Naxto Gonzalez and friends are ready to go.

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