Salinas: great waves, great vibes

The 2014 ISA World Junior Surfing Championships (WJSC) will be surfed at FAE Beach, in Salinas, Ecuador, from April 5th-13th.

The Fuerzas Armadas del Ecuador (FAE) Beach offers a long, peeling lefthander and a consistent punchy beachbreak for the double-area contest site.

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The governing body of surfing hosted its first WJSC, in 1980, in Biarritz, France.

"Besides its welcoming people, warm weather and the amazing support of the Ecuadorian government, the area has a rich history that provides the perfect backdrop for the next generation of surfers to compete at the highest level", underlines Fernando Aguerre, ISA president.

The logo for the competition includes an image of the Sumpa Sun, which is a religious and mystic icon of the Sumpa Ecuadorian Paleo-Indian civilization that existed from 11,000 to 4,000 B.C.

Sumpa is the native name of the Peninsula of Santa Elena where the event takes place. One of the first human groups to settle in Ecuador, and the only ones of this period discovered in the coastal region, in the area, the Sumpa people based a lot of their life around the ocean.

The logo pays homage to the ancient and rich history of the area, and also provides a symbol to welcome young surfers from around the globe to enjoy and ride waves in the same ocean the Sumpa people based their lives around thousands of years ago.

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