Nic Lamb claims the 2017 Punta Galea Challenge

American big wave surfer Nic Lamb has taken out the 12th edition of the Punta Galea Challenge, held in Bilbao, Spain.

Despite losing the World Surf League (WSL) Big Wave Tour (BWT) status, the iconic event got underway in spectacular conditions and surrounded by thousands of surfing fans.

With waves breaking in the 18-foot range, Basque Country rider Natxo Gonzalez nailed an incredible 10-point-ride in front of his home crowd, and his performance was hailed as one of the best at Punta Galea.

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What is a surf mat?

It looks like a towel or an inflatable bodyboard, but it lets you ride a wave with your eyes close to the water surface. The surf mat is a pliable watercraft capable of doing magic things.

A surf mat is a small and soft, inflatable, rectangular rubber mattress used to ride waves in a prone position. Mat surfing allows you to levitate above the surface of the water.

Surf mats might look like boogie boards, but they're built and ridden in a completely different way. First, surf mats are not hard boards - they're inflatables. Second, just because you're an intermediate bodyboarder, it doesn't mean you'll transport your knowledge to mat surfing.

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Why is Huntington Beach called Surf City USA?

Call it a slogan, nickname, tagline or motto. Huntington Beach is Surf City, USA. But what's behind that moniker?

Whether you're analyzing it from a marketing, spiritual, political, or historical perspective, the truth is that the United States has four cities calling themselves "Surf City": Huntington Beach, Santa Cruz, Surf City (North Carolina) and Surf City (New Jersey).

Huntington Beach, also affectionately known as "HB," offers 10 miles of sandy beaches which hold more than 50 surf contests each year, including the legendary US Open of Surfing.

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Nico von Lerchenfeld has had the time of his life at Surf Snowdonia, in Wales. But he was not there to surf.

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