USA Surfing will train for Tokyo 2020 at the BSR Surf Resort

The BSR Surf Resort will be the official wave pool for training the US Olympic surf team.

The decision was announced by USA Surfing, the national governing body for the sport of surfing in the United States of America.

The announcement also extends to the junior team that will compete at the 2018 ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, in Huntington Beach, from October 27 to November 4.

"The technology allows repeat, made-to-order waves that are perfect for training. It produces three waves per minute at 12-second intervals and different wave configuration at the push of a button," explains Greg Cruse, CEO of USA Surfing.

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Bianca Valenti claims the 2018 Puerto Escondido Cup

Bianca Valenti has taken out the inaugural Puerto Escondido Cup, in Oxaca, Mexico.

The event organized by Surf Open League (SOL) Mexico, Gary Linden and Shannon Quirk was hailed as Latin America's first-ever big wave contest for female surfers.

But it also had men competing in the firing barrels of Puerto Escondido. Despite the tide changes, the occasional closeouts, and heavy wipeouts, the contest was a huge success.

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Man in suit crosses Hudson River on SUP to make meeting on time

A 32-year-old man paddled across the Hudson River, in New York. Scott Holt was trying to get to a meeting but "didn't want to pay for the toll."

Despite the gusty winds and choppy waters, Holt was able to make the connection between New Jersey and Manhattan in 30 minutes. He was wearing a business suit and carrying a briefcase.

"I was just trying to get to my meeting, and I didn't wanna pay for the toll. I am a starving artist, so I had the board and just kind of popped on and went," explained the comedian.

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Johan De Goede has taken out the 2018 Digicape Tand Invitational. The legendary event got underway in pumping eight-to-ten-foot waves in Cape Town, South Africa.

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