The difference between spiritual, home, and local surf breaks

Surfing is a territorial activity that often triggers irrational behaviors. Let's take a look at the meaning of spiritual, home, and local surf spots.

Localism is a philosophical concept that is always present in the minds and actions of those who engage in surfing.

The surf industry continues to pictures the surfers and their dreams and adventures as something idyllic, ethereal, graceful and untouchable.

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Eastern Surf Magazine shuts down print edition

The most important surf publication on the US East Coast will no longer be available on the newsstands.

The last printed edition on the shelves was Issue 2013, released in September 2017. But the Eastern Surf Magazine (ESM) will continue alive and pumping, as it will make a full transition to the digital world.

Eastern Surf Magazine was founded by photographers Dick Meseroll and Tom Dugan in May 1991. The Floridian-based periodical was published eight times a year, and it was 100 percent free.

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Ian Walsh and Paige Alms win the 2017 Peahi Challenge

Ian Walsh and Paige Alms have taken out the 2017 Peahi Challenge, in Maui, Hawaii.

The second event on the Big Wave Tour (BWT) calendar got underway in 35-to-45-foot waves, in what was labeled a gold coefficient contest, the highest possible BWT rating.

The giant mountains of water caused unbelievable wipeouts. There were surfers being hit on the head by cascading walls of water, elevator drops, no-exit tube rides, and those rare and perfect left-handers.

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