Has Tom Butler ridden the 100-foot wave at Nazaré?

British surfer Tom Butler may have ridden a 100-foot wave at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal.

On December 14, the athlete from Cornwall ran away from a raging bull that was estimated at 100 feet by several independent sources.

"It was one to tell the grandkids about," Butler stated. The 29-year-old big wave surfer from Newquay is confident that he may have ridden a wave in the 90-to-100-foot range.

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Kelly Slater falls off board, recovers and exits the barrel

Kelly Slater shocked surfing fans with an unbelievable mid-barrel recovery at Pipeline. Yes, that's it, the magician is back with his latest surf trick.

The internet is calling it "the Houdini tube ride" - a nearly impossible move in one of the most challenging waves on the planet.

While surfing against Filipe Toledo on Round 3 of the Billabong Pipe Masters, Kelly Slater took off on a wave, got himself tucked in a wide open pit, got knocked off his feet by the spit, and exited the barrel standing up.

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World title race narrowed down to Gabriel Medina and Julian Wilson

Filipe Toledo is out of the 2018 world title race. The Brazilian surfer was knocked out of Billabong Pipe Masters by Kelly Slater in Round 3.

Toledo and Slater put on an incredible show of tube riding with both athletes exchanging back-to-back barrels.

Slater ended up picking the best waves and put an end to Toledo's world title hopes with a clinic lesson of Backdoor surfing on his last wave.

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