Ben Skinner is the King of the Longboard 2014

October 21, 2014 | Surfing
Ben Skinner: style is everything in longboarding | Photo: ASP/Gonzalez

Ben Skinner won the King of the Longboard 2014, at Playa de Somo, Cantabria, Spain.

The ASP Europe sanctioned specialty event combined both performance and classic longboard styles in long peeling two-to-four foot waves, at Ribamontan al Mar.

The innovative format saw Ben Skinner displaying a full array of manoeuvres including hang-tens, drop-knee turns and amazing foot work. The British longboarder finished the event with 32.35 points, ahead of Aurelien Meynieux and Alberto Fernandez.

"I'm pretty stoked! It is such a nice thing to be able to surf both disciplines of our sport. I think it is important we embrace both, and this is a perfect example of that and it was just brilliant. I loved it," said Skinner.

"I think it is the way forward for longboarding as I said embracing both disciplines and really being able to do both and on both actual styles of boards as well. Having big heavy single fins and then moving on to your lighter boards and being able to adapt."

King of the Longboard 2014 | Final Results

1. Ben Skinner (GBR) 32.35 points
2. Aurelien Meynieux (REU) 22.65 points
3. Alberto Fernandez (ESP) 21.6 points

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