Big Wave World Tour 2013/2014 title race heats up

January 30, 2014 | Surfing
Grant Baker: keeping low for safety reasons

Grant "Twiggy" Baker is well positioned to win the prestigious Big Wave World Tour 2013/2014 title.

The South African stuntman leads the competition with 2000 points, which means almost double the points of Ken "Skindog" Collins (1059 points).

"For me, I hope both contests go off! I have a good lead but if "Skinny" wins one or I do badly, straight away the title race is close. I need to remain very focused right now", says Baker.

Santa Cruz charger Nic Lamb sits in the third position (905 points) and Hawaii's Shane Dorian is fourth (810 points).

Two events were already run - the Punta Galea Challenge and the Mavericks Invitational. Big wave surfers will now ride two more stages - Nelscott Reef and Todos Santos - before a champion is crowned.

"I'm actually hoping to take it to the next level for the final two events of the season. The bigger boards I've been riding are perfect for clean open ocean big waves," adds Ken Collins.

Big Wave World Tour 2013/2014 | Standings After Mavericks Invitational

1. Grant Baker, 2000.00
2. Ken Collins, 1059.38
3. Nic Lamb, 905.00
4. Shane Dorian, 810.00
5. Ryan Augenstein, 630.00
6. Greg Long, 629.38
6. Ramon Navarro, 629.38
8. Tyler Fox, 540.00
8. Adur Letamendia, 540.00
10. Jamie Mitchell, 429.38

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