Billy Stairmand wins the 2010 Pantin Classic

August 30, 2010 | Surfing
Billy Stairmand: Kiwis like Pantin

Billy Stairmand (NZL) 20, claimed the Ferrolterra Movistar Pantin Classic presented by Billabong 2010 title defeating Pablo Paulino (BRA) in a tight, low scoring final. Claiming his maiden ASP Men’s Star-Series victory Stairmand becomes the second Kiwi to take out the Pantin Classic after Maz Quinn took out the title in 2005.

A small 1-2ft (0.50cm) wind swell was on offer for today’s final day of competition at the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) sanctioned event.

Officials were forced to make the most of the incoming tide to run the remaining heats at a mobile site 500m down the beach.

It was a day for the light-weight small-wave specialists who were able to remain on the rail of their boards to combine smooth turns in the tricky conditions. Wave selection and use of priority also played a major role in the tactics used during each clash.

Billy Stairmand (NZL) looked the firm favorite as the swell remained small during the final day of the official waiting period. Fast, smooth, flowing turns were Stairmand’s trademark maneuvers as he defeated Pedro Henrique (BRA) in the quarter-finals, Nathaniel Curran (USA) in the semis, and eventually took out Pablo Paulino (BRA) in the 35-minute final.

“I’m lost for words really. I came here with some really good boards and they have gone so good in these small waves. Perfect conditions for them and it has been a really fun week here in Pantin. I wasn’t really thinking about the conditions today. I was just taking it heat by heat and it worked out for me.”

Trailing at the halfway mark Stairmand snuck under Paulino’s priority on a wave which eventually gave him the title.

“Pablo didn’t take that one and I paddled into it and the start was good. I managed to do two turns and then I milked it through to the shore and was lucky enough to get the score to just get on top of him,”

As the tide continued to rise, the final wave-starved minutes turned into a cat and mouse battle as Paulino searched in vain for the required score to take back the lead.

“I was so nervous,” commented Stairmand. “I was sitting on him the entire time and I caught some other waves but it didn’t rattle him at all and in the end, no more waves came through so it was really good. The round of 24 in a 6-Star contest is the best I have ever done so to actually win a 6-Star is absolutely unbelievable, I just can’t believe it right now.”

Runner-up Pablo Paulino was also displaying some big turns in the small conditions to make his way to the final where his overall result is his best so far for 2010. Getting off to a solid start and looking like a clear winner Paulino went in search of another high-scoring ride which never eventuated.

“The final didn’t have the same waves as in the semis and I was waiting for a wave but they never arrived. I am very happy with this result which is my biggest this year. I am not very high on the rankings and I have a lot of pressure on me so this result is for my sponsors too. My dream is to do one better in my next contest.”

“My boards are so good for small waves and today I surfed really well and I am happy to have taken out the big name surfers like Heitor (Alves) and Tom Boal. All the heats were so hard out there and to make the final is really great.”

Nathaniel Curran (USA), equal third, stormed through the quarter-finals ousting Sebastien Zietz (HAW) to gain an edge on the field with his crisp turns and speed through the slow flat sections of the waves. Coming unstuck against Stairmand in semi-final nº1, Curran was left with no options as the waves turned off during the final minutes of his heat.

“It looked like Billy was going on the shore break but the two waves he got definitely had something to work with and he got the scores. I sat out there waiting for a set but nothing came through in the end so not much I could do.”

“Billy is probably the lightest of everyone left in the event,” explained Curran. “He has this tiny little board which seems to go really well for him. We were out there and this one set came through but we were out of position so that really sealed the heat for me.”

Tim Boal (FRA) finished equal third overall to finally get back into some form and make it through to the business end of the event. Downing local favorite Gony Zubizarreta (ESP) in the quarters, Boal then went on to lead his semi-final clash against Paulino with an excellent 8.83. With only minutes left and without priority Boal had to watch on as Paulino picked off the last remaining scoring wave of the heat to take back the lead and deny Boal a finals appearance.

“It is a bit disappointing finishing in these waves especially after all the good waves we’ve had this week. It went from really good to fun every other day so it is a shame. Overall a third is a good event for me. This year I am not really chasing points just working on things for next year so it is a good step forward.”

“It was a long year last year and then a tough beginning to this year,” continued Boal. “I am still competing but it is hard when you are not 120% into it all the time. I’m just working on my technique and other things and not really looking for scores so it is maybe starting to pay off now. I will have to see how it goes in the next events.”

2010 Ferrolterra Movistar Pantin Classic Presented by Billabong | Final

Billy Stairmand (NZL) 13.56 Def. Pablo Paulino (BRA) 12.33