Bolivarian Beach Games hit Punta Rocas

November 4, 2012 | Surfing
Bolivarian Beach Games: surfing Punta Rocas

The best boardriders in South America are in Peru for the first edition of the Bolivarian Beach Games, from the 3rd-6th November.

Shortboarders, standup paddlers, longboarders and bodyboarders from the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela are taking down the iconic spot of Punta Rocas.

Over 1500 athletes in 12 different sports from 11 countries will be competing in the beaches of Lima, as the multi-sports Bolivarian Beach Games kick-off.

"It is a moment of significance and honor for surfing and the ISA to be included in the Bolivarian Beach Games. This shows the importance of surfing as a beach sport by excellence," says Fernando Aguerre, president of the International Surfing Association.

"Surfing is really important for the Peruvian culture, and today's ceremony showed this. Congratulations to the organizers and good luck to all the delegations."

There will be seven surfing divisions with individual competitions and multi-surfers team category.

The Bolivarian Beach Games, a multi-sports Olympic organization event, includes free diving, underwater fishing, beach handball, water ski, canoeing, beach soccer, open water swimming, rowing, beach rugby, beach tennis, triathlon, sailing, beach volleyball and, of course, surfing.