Derek Rabelo goes surfing "Beyond Sight"

December 15, 2012 | Surfing
Derek Rabelo: following his heart

"Beyond Sight" is the surf movie story of Derek Rabelo, the blind surfer who rode the Pipeline waves, in Hawaii.

Surfing is an inspirational sport, almost a religion by itself. On the 25th May 1992, Derek was born blind. His father wanted him to be a professional surfer, but his blindness halted a career. Not the dream.

Named after the legendary Pipeline surfer Derek Ho, the boy from Guarapari, Brazil, decided he wanted to take on the waves of the North Shore.

"Beyond Sight" follows Derek Rabelo through the three-year journey of grueling mental, physical and spiritual training for the big challenge. Along the way, he meets Rob Machado, Laird Hamilton, Tom Curren, Kelly Slater, Derek Ho and many great wave riders.

"Pipeline is basically the ultimate wave in a lot of ways — just a short, intense, dangerous wave that's close to the beach", explains Kelly Slater. "Many surfers with sight do not venture out even after they see that others can do it".

Derek Rabelo is a treasure of emotions. Prepare to open your heart to the spirit of surfing "Beyond Sight". Also, take a look at the greatest surf movie collection.