Epic waves hit the Australian coast

May 20, 2010 | Surfing

Epic swell: Australia has been blessed

Late autumn, historically renowned as the most consistent time of the year to score quality surf has lived up to its reputation and delivered a run of epic waves all over Australia.

Coastalwatch Editor Ben Horvath said, “Everywhere has been pumping. The southern WA region enjoyed an incredible run of six swells in the 6-8ft plus range in three weeks, Shipsterns Bluff has averaged a massive 10ft swell a week for the last 6, Vic pumped for two weeks straight, and the east coast finally turned on a solid 8-10ft south swell last weekend.”

The Surf Coast in Victoria enjoyed a perfect run of well overhead swell during the first fortnight in May after enduring a very ordinary start to autumn.

Last but not least East Coast based surfers have also had plenty of action to froth over.

The biggest south swell to charge up the east coast since January 20, 2010 hit Sydney and surrounds on Saturday May 15.

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