French surfers claim the Eurosurf Junior 2012 in Lacanau

September 16, 2012 | Surfing
Tom Cloarec: the future of surfing in France

France has conquered the 2012 European Junior Surfing title, after collecting seven out of nine possible victories in the wave riding divisions.

The Eurosurf Junior 2012 was a complete box of emotions, as the French surfers finished a premier class performance in the waves of Lacanau.

In the Under 18 surfing category, brother Tom an Nelson Cloarec claimed gold and silver while competing together at the final heat. Tom scored an impressive overall score of 19.10 points, leaving the Portuguese Vasco Ribeiro in third and Imanol Yeregui, from Spain, in fourth.

"Lots of joy. We got first and second with big scores. We've managed well the entire final. Vasco Ribeiro was the favorite, so we are very happy. I was very motivated and I had to give everything. I found some left-handers and I enjoyed it all", explains Tom Cloarec.

"The junior chapter is closed, since it was my last year. I beat Vasco in the Under 14 division, four years ago, and I defeated him in the Under 18 today. It's amazing! I found the right moment for my best surfing", adds the 2012 Eurojunior surfing champion.

"Les Bleus" swept almost everything. They've only missed triumphs in the Men's Under 18 Bodyboarding division (Alex Odriozola, Spain) and Women's Under 18 Bodyboarding division (Alexandra Rinder, Germany).

In the nation's ranking, France takes gold and is followed by Spain and Portugal.

Eurosurf Junior 2012 | Results

1. France - 11,860 pts
2. Spain - 9,427 pts
3. Portugal - 9,288 pts
4. England - 7,563 pts
5. Germany - 7,105 pts

Under 18 Men:
1. Tom Cloarec
2. Nelson Cloarec
3. Vasco Ribeiro
4. Imanol Yeregui