Gabe Kling wins Red Bull Call Em Out 2013

April 11, 2013 | Surfing
Gabe Kling: a pro never goes out of style

Gabe Kling has conquered the Red Bull Call Em Out 2013, at Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

The veteran of pro surfing Gabe Kling has defeated former Red Bull Night Riders champion Evan Thompson in a tight one versus one final, in the waters of the East Coast of USA.

Local knowledge and strategic wave selection paid off for Kling, who completed the event undefeated, amongst a fleet North Florida's most dynamic and talented surfers.

Asher Nolan, Cody Thompson, Evan Thompson and Tristan Thompson and Jake McGuire were some of the surfers in the line-up of the 2013 Red Bull Call Em Out.

The surf contest is simple. Get a strong pool of 16 established surfing professionals and set a battle a one-on-one format. Surfer may either "call out" or be "called out" by their rival competitors, in a double elimination competition.

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