Gold Coast prepares to crown world junior surfing champions

January 27, 2012 | Surfing
Filipe Toledo: from Brazil, not Toledo in Spain

The Billabong World Junior Championships Gold Coast are reaching an exciting finish. All Quarterfinalists have been decided in both men's and women's draws, in 2-3 foot (1-1.5 meter) surf, at the world famous Burleigh Heads.

Joanne Defay, Leila Hurst and Philippa Anderson are still in the running after winning their heats and advancing to the Quarterfinals.

"I'm trying so hard not to put pressure on myself," Hurst said. "Of course there's a little bit of pressure, everyone's talking about the World Title, but I'm just trying to have fun."

The Men's ASP World Junior Title race has also seen a mix up with Connor Coffin bowing out of the race after losing to Ian Gouveia. There's still quite a few scenarios that could play out with only Caio Ibelli, Garrett Parkes, Jack Freestone, Filipe Toledo and Ian Gouveia still in the running.

There is even a couple of scenarios where we could see a tie between two surfers, in which case there will be a surf-off - meaning there will be one more heat to decide the 2011 ASP World Junior Champion.

Jack Freestone survived a close call, only defeating Japanese surfer Arashi Kato by 0.07. Freestone got the nod from the judges for his smooth style and his ability to link manoeuvres together.

"I thought he won, because the scoreboard said he had a 7.27 and an 6.00," Freestone said.

"Then at the last minute it changed so I didn't know what was going on. But I'll take the win. It just felt like I was over surfing the wave, it's pretty slow and fat so I guess I was trying to over do it."

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