Ian Crane wins 2019 Red Bull Airborne France

October 7, 2019 | Surfing
Ian Crane: flying above the waves of Hossegor | Photo: Poullenot

US surfer Ian Crane claimed the 2019 Red Bull Airborne France, in Hossegor.

The aerial surfing contest took place on the Basque coast during the 2019 Quiksilver Pro.

This Saturday, the world's best aerial surfers met up for the second edition of Red Bull Airborne France.

Red Bull Airborne is a surfing contest where only aerial tricks are taken into account.

Airs are a must for the new generation of surfers who are doing the most innovative maneuvers.

Eighteen athletes went in the air under the supervision of Josh Kerr, Red Bull Airborne's contest director - innovation, style, and amplitude were their main goals.

The event took place in the legendary spot of La Nord, Hossegor, in front of a packed beach of 25,000 spectators.

The final featured Ian Crane, Nomme Mignot, Griffin Colapinto, Maxime Huscenot, Finn McGill, and Reef Heazlewood in a 45-minute showdown where only the highest score of each surfer counted.

"This is awesome. I just got chaired up the beach in France; this is just out of control. It's definitely one of the best surfing moments of my life," said Crane.

"It's my first time down here in Hossegor, and yes, I love it. It was really hard to land airs, but that one was pretty cool."

Mignot, who picked up a wildcard slot when he won the Red Bull Airborne Qualifier in Anglet earlier this summer with a near-perfect 9.93, brought his A-game to fight with the best in the game and took second.

2019 Red Bull Airborne France | Final

1. Ian Crane (USA) 5.83 pts
2. Nomme Mignot (FRA) 4.50 pts
3. Reef Heazlewood (AUS) 3.93 pts
4. Griffin Colapinto (USA) 3.77 pts
5. Maxime Huscenot (FRA) 3.73 pts
6. Finn McGill (HAW) 0.00 pts