Jack McCoy films music video for Paul McCartney

June 10, 2011 | Surfing
Blue Sway: Paul McCartney and Jack McCoy go surfing together

Legendary surf filmmaker Jack McCoy has created a music video for Paul McCartney's previously unreleased track "Blue Sway". The song was written 20 years ago but had never been officially published.

McCoy uses a high powered underwater jet ski to capture the essence of surfing and of the deep ocean, producing stunning images from the water world.

"Paul was pretty stoked with what I'd created. He immediately thought my images might be suitable to go with his unreleased song 'Blue Sway' and asked if I would like to have a listen. When I heard it, I started dancing around the room because I could imagine editing my shots to the song", said McCoy.

Paul McCartney and the surf director met through a mutual friend, Chris Thomas, who saw the footage of "A Deeper Shade of Blue", while visiting McCoy in Australia. When he returned to the UK, he gave McCartney a copy of the sequence.

"When I saw Jack McCoy’s underwater surfing footage put to the soundtrack of 'Blue Sway' I was blown away” said McCartney. McCoy spent the next six weeks creating the music video by compiling and editing images that he filmed off Tahiti's Teahupoo reef.

McCoy’s HD camera can travel up to approximately 10 miles underwater and is mounted to the top of the scooter and is designed to be able to tilt up or down, as well as spin 360 degrees, to allow him to film extraordinary angles.

Meanwhile, "Blue Sway" won 'Best Music Video' at NYC Short Film Festival this past May and the video. The song will be available for the first time on the bonus audio disc of the special edition of "McCartney II".