João Macedo wins Best Wave of "La Vaca Gigante IV"

January 18, 2011 | Surfing
La Vaca Gigante IV: good, but not great | Photo: Iván Rozadilla

The Quiksilver La Vaca Gigante IV got underway in spectacular wave conditions, in Santander, Spain.

Thousands of spectators gathered at Playa El Bocal to watch the best big wave riders in world. The swell hit the coast, delivering good looking waves, but still not enough to crown a winner.

In the low tide hours, it seemed that the conditions would be epic, but as the tide started to come in waves were smaller.

The competition go through to the semifinals. The final heat of The Quiksilver La Vaca Gigante IV had to be suspended because the waves wasn't reaching the minimum required.

Therefore, two prizes were awarded. Joao Macedo, a Portuguese surfer living in California, won the Best Wave trophy. Dani García, a local big wave surfer, won the Best Wipe Out award.

"Here, I got the biggest waves, but I had a few problems", confessed Garcia.

The Quiksilver La Vaca Gigante V is already being set. Five years ago, Oscar Gómez was the first surfer to conquer the Spanish event. This year, the competition had a total prize money of $10,000.