Josh Kerr presents "The Kerrazy Kronicles" surf movie

March 4, 2011 | Surfing
The Kerrazy Kronicles: krazy boy

Josh Kerr is a very well known Australian pro surfer. The wave rider born in Tweed Heads is also known for is radical and subversive surfing skills.

A few days before his anniversary, Kerr will be personally presenting his signature surf movie. "The Kerrazy Kronicles" will premier at the Lido Theatre, in Newport Beach, California, on March 16th.

The long awaited film will also be streamed online, live from the theatre, for everyone to enjoy. Josh Kerr's new surf movie is absolutely mental. You'll probably see the biggest and strangest aerial moves ever tried and completed.

"The Kerrazy Kronicles" shows the quality of one of the most creative surfers in the world. Kerr is followed around the planet by his own company's camera. 

Kerrazy Productions will have the surf movie available after the Newport Beach premier.