Korbin Hutchings and Milly Crewe win the New Wave Primary School School Champs

November 18, 2009 | Surfing

Korbin Hutchings

The New Wave Primary School Champs took place at Gisborne last weekend with pumping waves on offer at "The Pipe". Young local surfers dominated the event with Korbin Hutchings (Gisborne Intermediate) taking out the boys title.

The sport at this level provides an opportunity for new entrant surfers to develop their contest experience and to compete in a professionally organised surfing event with their peers. The level of each surfers ability is tested and enables them to decided whether they are ready to commit to the sport and move to the next level and compete in the Surfing New Zealand Grommet Series.

Surf ranged from 1.0m – 1.5m with excellent but challenging conditions for New Zealand’s best young surfers.

Hutchings was impressive all weekend winning every heat before taking out the final. Likewise Milly Crewe (Waimauku School) was unstoppable in the Girls Division winning every heat through to the final where she eventually beat Britt Kindred (Waimauku School) on a ‘count back’.

“I was impressed with the standard of surfing and saw a lot of new talent over the weekend” commented Contest Director Steve Ria. “The surf was pretty big on Sunday morning so we used ‘seasoned’ competitors Jayda Martin Fitzharris, Adam Grimson and Kahu Craig Ranga, who are all qualified lifeguards, as our water patrol to keep an eye on all the new comers”.
Hutchings posted a 12.83 point total heat score in the final to beat Jordan Griffin (Mnt Intermediate), Quinn (Mnt Intermediate) and Mahorahora McLeod (Waitara).

Crewe fought off a tough battle with Kindred who placed second. Local girl Dayna Story (Campion College) placed third with Abby Falwasser-Logan (Campion College) in fourth.

Plate divisions for the boys and girls divisions were contested with Rangi Moore (Gis) taking out the boys plate and Ruby Cave (Campion College) taking out the girls plate.

Ezekial Ngakuru (Mnt Intermediate) stormed to victory in the Boys Bodyboard Division scoring 15.2 points in the final to easily outpoint Nicolaj Probst (Whakatane Intermediate ), George Busby (Gisborne Intermediate) and Jonty Low (Campion College).
Abbigail Weir (Opunaki Primay) won the Girls Bodyboard Division beating her only opponent Samantha Wood (Campion College) in the final.

Kelly Geisler (Wainui Bch School) won the Kneeboard Division scoring 11.0 points in the final ahead of Hamiora Solomon (Opunake Primary), Abbigail Weir (Opunake Primary) and Jonathon Tahu (Tara).

Jordan Griffin - Image SURF2SURF.com
George Busby - Image SURF2SURF.com

Please see below for final results from the New Wave Primary School Championships held at Gisborne on the 14-15 November.

Boys Division Quarterfinal
Heat 1Quin Matenga (Mnt Int, Mnt), 1, Mackenzie Bowden (WAS, WGM), 2, Toa MacDonald (Waitara), 3, Blake Haven (Waimauku, Muri), 4Heat 2Korbin Hutchings (Gis Int, Gis), 1, Sam Poulter (Rag), 2, Tyran Smith (Mnt Int, Mnt), 3, Tane Bowden (WAS, WGM), 4Heat 3Manu Scott-Arrieta (Sandy Bay), 1, Korbin Hutchings (Gis Int, Gis), 1, Te Rapai Barbarich Love (Waitara), 3, Taine Craig Ranga (Wahi Bch), 4Heat 4Jordan Griffin (Mnt Int, Mnt), 1, Mahorahora McLeod (Waitara), 2, Nicolaj Probst (Whaka Int, Ohope), 3, Jack Virtue (Camp, Gis), 4

Boys Division SemifinalsHeat 1
Korbin Hutchings (Gis Int, Gis), 1, Quin Matenga (Mnt Int, Mnt), 2, Mackenzie Bowden (WAS, WGM), 3, Sam Poulter (Rag), 4Heat 2Jordan Griffin (Mnt Int, Mnt), 1, Mahorahora McLeod (Waitara), 2, Travis Morton (Waihi Bch), 3, Manu Scott-Arrieta (Sandy Bay), 4

Boys Division Final
Korbin Hutchings (Gis Int, Gis), 1, Jordan Griffin (Mnt Int, Mnt), 2, Quin Matenga (Mnt Int, Mnt), 3, Mahorahora McLeod (Waitara), 4

Girls Division Quarterfinals
Heat 1Milly Crewe (Waimauku, Muri), 1, Paige Penny (St Mary's Gis), 2, Ciara Lovelock (Gis), 3, Nina Anderson (Opu Prim, Tara), 4Heat 2Dayna Story (Camp, Gis), 1, Jasmine Smith (Gis), 2, Tayla Jakich (Wamuku Schl, Muri), 3, Ruby Cave (Gis Int, Gis), 4Heat 3Britt Kindred (Waimauku, Muri), 1, Taylor Brown (Gis Int, Gis), 2, Jess David (Waimauku, Muri), 3, Samantha Wood (Camp, Gis), 4Heat 4Abby Falwasser-Logan (Camp, Gis), 1, Ashley Donaldson (Ill, Gis), 2, Sam Bramwell (Ill, Gis), 3, Gabriella McDonnell (Waimauku, Muri), 4

Girls Division Semifinals
Heat 1Milly Crewe (Waimauku, Muri), 1, Britt Kindred (Waimauku, Muri), 2, Ashley Donaldson (Ill, Gis), 3, Jasmine Smith (Gis), 4Heat 2Dayna Story (Camp, Gis), 1, Abby Falwasser-Logan (Camp, Gis), 2, Paige Penny (Gis), 3, Taylor Brown (Gis Int, Gis), 4

Girls Division Final
Milly Crewe (Waimauku, Muri), 1, Britt Kindred (Waimauku, Muri), 2, Dayna Story (Camp, Gis), 3, Abby Falwasser-Logan (Camp, Gis), 4

Boys Bodyboard Final
Ezekial Ngakuru (Mnt Int, Mnt), 1, Nicolaj Probst (Whaka Int, Ohope), 2, George Busby (Gis), 3, Jonty Low (Camp, Gis), 4

Girls Bodyboard Final
Abbigail Weir (Tara), 1, Samantha Wood (Camp, Gis), 2, Paige Penny, N/S

Kneeboard Final
Kelly Geisler (Waiinui Bch School), 1, Hamiora Solomon (Opu Prim, Tara), 2, Abbigail Weir (Opu Prim, Tara), 3, Jonathon Tahau (Kura Tamarongo, Tara), N/S
Boys Plate Final
George Busby (Gis), 1, Leroy Shaw (Ill, Gis), 2, Isaiah Grace (Camp, Gis), 3, Rangi Moore (Gis), 4

Girls Plate Final
Ruby Cave (Gis Int, Gis), 1, Tayla Jakich (Wamuku Schl, Muri), 2, Gabriella McDonnell (Waimauku, Muri), 3, Nina Anderson (Opu Prim, Tara), 4

School Rankings
1 Edmund Campion College, 6593
2 Gisborne Intermediate, 6428
3 Waimauku School, 6095
4 Mount Intermediate, 3890
5 Whakatane Intermediate, 3120
6 Opunake Primary, 2295
7 Illminister Intermediate, 2210
8= Waitara, 1005
8= Wainui Beach School, 1005
9= Sacred Heart College, 915
9= Whangamata Area School, 915
12 Raglan Area School, 833

Generous support from New Wave and Gisborne Boardriders Club has made this event possible.

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