Luis Vindas wins the opening stage of the Costa Rica Surfing Championship

January 19, 2010 | Surfing

Luis Vindas

In a contest that saw talent dominating yesterday, the prevailing leader Jaco’s Luis Vindas became the first winner of the LimeCoral Classic which had its debut in the waves of Palo Seco de Parrita. In this tournament’s final were four athletes who did not compete in the first date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar in Jaco, but indeed were favorites in Esterillos.

That final battle with Vindas included Carlos Muñoz of Esterillos (8.86)—the current Open, Junior and Boys champion—Jason Torres of Jaco (10.67) and Isaac Vega of Tamarindo (11.77), the latter of which returned to the end of the Open after several seasons.

The series was carried out near 2 p.m. in high tide with more public than Saturday—800 people—in front of the facilities of Aparta-Hotel La Isla, with waves of 5 and 6 feet (2.5 meters) in height with aerial attacks from all the finalists.

Nevertheless, the surfing of Vindas ended up being the most impressive, starting with the first wave that initiated the heat, seising a right where he landed a aerial backside without holding the surfboard. That score was a 8.87. He kept in it for 15 minutes not wanting to run anymore good waves until the last 5 minutes when he was pressured by Vegas who had a sturdy right, which opened Vindas up to the middle. He did not waste it and with those maneuvers added to his score a 15.93 in unattainable combination and a lack of time.

Vindas, 22, affirmed that if he won at Palo Seco de Parrita, he would fight in the Circuito for the national title, which he has yet to obtain. The Billabong-sponsored surfer was sub-National champion in the 2007-2008 season when Gilbert Brown was champion, and the last time he won a date of the Circuito was in 2007 in Hermosa Beach in Jaco.

”I am motivated to play a good role in this Circuito because I want to put up a fight for the Championship. I am going to be in all the dates of the Circuito to come. Next, I am going to Limon,” affirmed Vindas, also the winner of the Triple Crown of Summer 2008.

In the Women’s, Junior and Longboard categorys of the LimeCoral Class, the winners are athletes who took the spots in the previous Circuito date the Copa Mango in Jaco. Lisbeth Vindas (Jaco), Maykol Torres (Esterillos) and Antony Flores (Jaco), respectively each have 3,000 points total in the ranking (1,500 each for the first two dates).

Lisbeth won her spot in front of two new guests to her finals, Merary Jiménez of Jaco and Mariana Samudio of Jaco, in addition to her eternal rival Nataly Bernold, also of Jaco.

“This I want to be a good year for me and I am starting out very well. I have trained and I feel great physically and mentally so this combines with an international agenda that I will begin in February,” said Lisbeth.

In Junior, where it has been customary to see Carlos Muñoz, this season we keep seeing Maykol Torres instead since the beginning of the series having won in Jaco and now in Esterillos. The same is the case with 19-year-old longboarder Antony Flores who won without many complications, doubling in points to his rivals with a combination 14.17.

The next date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar is February 27 and 28, at Westfalia de Limon, for the first time a date has taken place in that local.

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