Mattías Braun wins the second stage of the Costa Rica Surfing Championships

March 15, 2010 | Surfing

Playa de Tamarindo: sailores, bikers and surfers

In a weekend that started with tough conditions, but ended with offshore wind waves of nice size, Montezuma’s Mattías Braun adds a second victory in the Circuito Nacional de Surf, and the first in the DayStar 2009-10. This came after a final characterized by a give and take of positioning between the best surfers in the heat.

Joining Braun in the final were Tamarindo’s own Federico Pilurzu and Isaac Vega, as well as Jaco’s Jason Torres, all noted leaders in the country’s surf scene. In the heat, they also at one time or another had the lead, but an inspired backside from Braun showed his dominance.

He also invested greater energy, with long routes, and manuevers characterized by forcé, and it was this investment that resulted in the highest combination of the event with a 13,84 against 12.33 of Torres, 11.64 of Vega and 11.10 for Pilurzu.

With the victory, Braun notches his second Circuito victory, his first coming in Nosara during the 2007-2008 season.

“To win a date in this competition, gives me a belief in myself, and makes me want to do more. In the end, sincerely I had luck because the waves that I choose were good and I didn’t waste them. I am very happy that my surfing is improving and with that I am adding stature to the Circuito,” expressed Mattías when he left the wáter.

“The truth is most of my surfing is done here in the North Pacific where the waves are prolonged and not as closed as the central Pacific. Nevertheless, it is a subject to improve and remove surf obstacles in any type of wave that I compete,” he added.”

Braun hails from Montezuma, and has trained in the waters of Malpais and Santa Teresa, which happens to be the next stop of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar 2009-2010 next month.

The Caribbean born, Tamarindo raised Nataly Bernold used her local advantage to win the Women’s category today. Although she lives now in Jaco, where the favored Lisbeth Vindas is also from, Bernold used a memorial frontside assault to claim the trophy. Bernold dominated the final with a combination of 14.00 points that proved unobtainable to Vindas (10.64) Ericka Valerde of Dominical (6.64) and Merary Jimenez of Domincal (6.24). With the win—the first of the season for Bernold, Vindas won each date so far—Nataly makes the fight for the National Women’s championship title more interesting.

“This is a date I really wanted to win. I feel very motivated because I have been training a lot to win and finally I did,” affirmed Bernold.

In the Junior category, victory finally arrived for the surfer of Malpais Anthony Fillingim, who had up until now only been a finalist. Fillingim was inspired and put together a combination of 13.00 points in front of attempts of José Calderón, Angello Bonomeli and Roberto Jimenz, all of Jaco.

“I am very, very happy that I finally won after trying in so many dates. In Malpais the level of surfers are very good, and is growing and with this result, it begins to show,” insisted Fillingim.

The next date of the Circuito Nacional de Surf DayStar 2009-2010 presented by LimeCoral will be in Santa Teresa. The Copa Quiksilver will take place April 12 and 13, and will be 4 stars, awarding 1,500 points to the winners of each category.



MARCH 13, 14, 2010


1- Mattías Braun
2- Jason Torres
3- Isaac Vega
4- Federico Pilurzu


1- Nataly Bernold
2- Lisbeth Vindas
3- Ericka Valverde
4- Merary Jimenez


1- Anthony Fillimgim
2- José Calderón
3- Angello Bonomeli
4- Roberto Jimenez

Junior Women’s

1- Jordan Hundley
2- Paula Duarte
3- Leilani McGonagle
4- Maia Velarde


1- Noe Mar McGonagle
2- Josué Rodríguez
3- Carlos Brown
4- Daría Menendez


1- Manuel Mesen
2- Bruno Carvalho
3- Noe Mar McGonagle
4- Giancarlo Mendez

Grommet Girls

1- Tania Gonzales
2- Leilani McGonagle
3- Cloe Velarde
4- Selena Moberly


1- Leonardo Calvo
2- Sean Forester
3- Kevin Montiel
4- Edirsdo Venegas

Minigrommet Girls

1- Paula Duarte
2- Arisha Grioti
3- Leilani Mcgonagle
4- Cloe Velarde


1- Carlos Velarde
2- Cassio Carvalho
3- Adolfo Gómez
4- Craig Shcieber


1- Giannio Ferrandino
2- Josué Venegas
3- Esteban Valverde
4- Andrés Cordero


1- Cristian Santamaría
2- Alex Gómez
3- Jordan Hernández
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