Mavericks will celebrate Jeff Clark's first solo session

June 20, 2009 | Surfing


Mavericks Surf Ventures, Inc. (Mavericks) announced today that the upcoming 2009/2010 big-wave season at Mavericks will honor and celebrate the 35th anniversary of Jeff Clark’s first session at the now world-famous break.

In the winter of 1975, then-17 year-old Clark first paddled out to the nautical hazard named after a white haired German Shepherd. 

In a remarkable personal odyssey, Clark then surfed Mavericks completely alone for 15 years before the news media began reporting on the 50-foot waves, house-sized rocks, and bone chilling waters that characterize this treacherous locale. 

From those solitary beginnings, Mavericks has become an international phenomenon.  The annual Mavericks Surf Contest® brings the world’s preeminent big-wave surfers together on 24 hours’ notice, along with tens of thousands of spectators and millions more who watch the action via television broadcast and webcast.

Adding to the drama, the contest is completely dependent on the whim of Mother Nature delivering contest-worthy surf conditions. 

Some years – as happened this past season – she holds back, as if to give the surfers another year to reconsider their perilous intent.  Over the years, the Mavericks prize purse has grown to $150,000, the largest in the history of big-wave surfing competition.

In the 2009/2010 season, the invitees will be competing for this record prize purse, thanks to the support of Moose Guen and Jane Sutherland of MVision Private Equity Advisors, and Barracuda Networks.

Coincident with the 35th anniversary celebration, Mavericks will inaugurate a new Contest Director.  Said Mavericks CEO Keir J. Beadling, “Mavericks truly belongs to everyone, so we’re looking forward to democratizing the contest direction process.

Studying the seasonal swell patterns, and determining if and when to call the surfers is no small responsibility. We’re excited to pass the torch to the next generation of Mavericks enthusiasts to assure the contest’s continued success.”

Beadling then summed up the feelings of everyone in the Mavericks family, saying, “We have all been inspired by the passion and bravery that Jeff has displayed, and will remain in awe of his accomplishments. Jeff’s legacy is forever etched in the history Mavericks.”   Meanwhile, Clark continues to serve on Mavericks’ Board of Directors.  

Additional details regarding The 2009/2010 Mavericks Surf Contest® season will be announced in the coming weeks.