Miguel Blanco and Teresa Bonvalot win the Caparica Primavera Surf Fest

April 4, 2015 | Surfing
Miguel Blanco: sweet victory | Photo: Laurent Masurel/WSL

Miguel Blanco and Teresa Bonvalot have conquered the inaugural Caparica Primavera Surf Fest, held in two-to-three foot waves at Praia da Caparica, in Portugal.

In the Men's final, Blanco rode a couple of long righthanders he ripped to pieces on his forehand to defeat Natxo Gonzalez. Miguel had previously reached a couple of finals, but he had never won an event.

"The waves were super slow and we were lost out there. Natxo and I were even talking and laughing about it, but in the end it was such a rush with all those scores pending, and I honestly thought I'd lost," revealed the Portuguese surfer.

"This was my third final; I'm so stoked I finally won one! I have a good rhythm going and am feeling very confident, so I look forward to the next event here in Portugal again."

In the Women's division, Teresa and Keshia Seelow-Eyre opened the final with an exciting series of exchanges, but the Portuguese took a serious advantage and a near-perfect 9.80 out of 10 for a combination of major maneuvers on her backhand.

"When I saw that wave coming I knew it was mine and I concentrated on just surfing it well, didn't think of scores or the pressure of the situation. It was a great wave, and I'm super happy I was lucky enough to be in position," stated Bonvalot.

“I feel great! This is my first win on the Junior series, so I'm really happy. The waves were good, and it was really fun. All my family was here, and I had a great support crew."

Caparica Primavera Surf Fest | Men's Final
1. Miguel Blanco (PRT) 14.73
2. Natxo Gonzalez (EUK) 14.47

Caparica Primavera Surf Fest | Men's Final
1. Teresa Bonvalot (PRT) 15.83
2. Keshia Seelow-Eyre (GBR) 11.00

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