Nathan Yeomans steals the 2014 O'Neill Coldwater Classic

October 31, 2014 | Surfing
Nathan Yeomans: attacking Steamer Lane | Photo: O'Neill CWC/Ellis

Nathan Yeomans won the 2014 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational, at Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz, California.

The surfer from San Clement has earned himself a yearlong sponsorship contract worth $50,000, after defeating Shaun Burns in the final. Yeomans tasted the second O'Neill Coldwater Classic victory of his career.

"It's awesome; I can't even believe it. I was doing job interviews before I came up here. Luckily now I don't have to work for a while," expressed Nathan Yeomans.

"I'm going to the Triple Crown next, so hopefully I can take this momentum there. I have another baby on the way, so luckily I have 50 grand to support that little critter."

The final of the 2014 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational had Yeomans and local talent battling for the few waves on offer, before the contest was put on hold due to fog. The competition was eventually resumed, and Nathan took the win.

2014 O'Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational | Final

1. Nathan Yeomans (USA), 15.00
2. Shaun Burns (USA), 12.83 uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more on our About section.