New Zealand gets ready for The Ultimate Waterman

January 7, 2015 | Surfing
Kai Lenny: Hawaiian waterman | Photo: Rusty Russell

Eight surfers will compete at The Ultimate Waterman 2015, a new event that features wave riders competing in six different surfing disciplines over eight days.

The Ultimate Waterman will run between 14th-21st March, in Auckland. The invitation-only contest will get athletes into tow-in surfing, waka ama, longboarding, surfing/shortboard, stand up paddle (SUP) surfing, and SUP Endurance.

Mark Visser, Daniel Kereopa, Kai Lenny, Manoa Drollet, Danny Ching, Connor Baxter, Laird Hamilton and Georges Cronsteadt have accepted the challenge. They're looking forward to be considered The Ultimate Waterman, an event led by Surfing New Zealand.

The Ultimate Waterman will be a mobile event, with locations around New Zealand selected on the day for optimal weather, wind and swell conditions. Surfers will drive or fly from Auckland to each selected discipline location, when the best conditions are found for each discipline.

"All eyes will be on New Zealand to see the likes of Daniel, Kai and Mark battle it out. This unique, exciting event will drive water sport participation and create a powerful, lasting legacy for the whole country," explains Greg Townsend, CEO at Surfing New Zealand.

The Ultimate Waterman will adopt a "guerrilla-like" approach with high intensity, flexibility and maneuverability. There will be daily press conferences, a reality TV-type coverage of the travel and interaction between the athletes, and stunning world-class surfing footage.

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