Peninsula Team wins the Red Bull Rivals

November 10, 2014 | Surfing
Pablo Solar: best wave at Mundaka | Photo: Edu Bartolomé/Red Bull

The Peninsula Team has claimed the inaugural Red Bull Rivals, in barreling 2.5-meter (eight foot) waves at Mundaka, Basque Country.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Despite winning the event at Mundaka, the Canary Islands Team was not able to gather enough points to steal the Red Bull Rivals title from their opponents.

After four rounds of battles, everything could still happen. Ten surfers paddled out for the Teams' battle. The rules were simple: five waves per surfer and 60 minutes of competition.

Yeray García was the one to get the first applauses with an incredible ride full of powerful turns preceded by a spontaneous barrel (8.5 points). But speaking about barrels, those who came out of Pablo Solar's top hat, two in the same wave (9.5 points) which awarded home the "best barrel" bonus.

The "best wave" bonus went to the Canarian Antonio Marqués' who also stole big points (9.90) for a barrel, in a last chance to beat the Peninsulars.

Red Bull Rivals | Final Standings

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