Rayne Payne wins again the Xcel Pro Showdown At Supertubes

May 13, 2010 | Surfing

Ryan Payne: he has a deal with Xcel to win all contests

Local favorite and 2009 winner Ryan Payne has emerged victorious once again at the Xcel Pro Showdown At Supertubes.

In near-perfect 6'-8' Supers walls and barrels, Payne took his second victory in a row, defeating goofy-footer Remi Peterson in the man-on-man final.

"Thanks very much to Xcel and everyone involved in this contest," said Payne on the beach his win. "It's definitely the best event I've ever surfed in, and it will be for the rest of my life."

Dedicating the win to his grandfather, Payne takes home R5000 cash, a R5000 Nixon watch, and a R5000 Xcel wetsuit.

For his win, Payne is granted a much-coveted slot in the Von Zipper trials, the precursor to the Billabong Pro Jeffrey's Bay World Tour event, scheduled for July 15 - July 25. The winner of the Von Zipper Trials wins entry into the main event of the Billabong Pro.

"That was a great performance from Ryan" said Xcel South Africa's Koffie Jacobs. "Everyone surfed really well today. It happens when you get to surf perfect waves at Supers; it lifts your game."

Runner-up Remi Peterson took home Best Barrel of the Contest and R5000 from Island Pacific for a seemingly impossible backhand barrel in his quarter-final against Warren Dean. Peterson pulled into the barrel and was gone for so long that spectators looked away, thinking that he had fallen off, before he emerged cleanly to the disbelief of the onlookers.

Peterson also went on to pocket another R5000, winning the Best Junior Surfer award, also presented by Island Pacific.

Best Wave and Best Move of the Contest went to Warran Dean and Dale Staples, respectively, with both athletes winning Firewire surfboards for their efforts.

The Xcel Pro Showdown at Supertubes is sanctioned by the EPSC and Surfing South Africa, governing body of the sport.

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